Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

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The “Shoulder Bag” will easily become your favorite everyday eco bag from Remember Me Green.

As always, our bags are handcrafted from New York City billboard material after the advertisement period has ended. This limited time collection came from a billboard that was displayed above Park Avenue in Manhattan. Yes really, we wouldn’t lie to you!


  • One of a kind design created in New York by Remember Me Green using two different areas of the billboard to create a two toned look.
  • Gunmetal black grommet detail. Made in the USA.
  • Measures 13” (H) X 14.5” (L) X 6” (W)
  • Shoulder strap is made from black shock cord which is also known as elastic, stretch or bungee rope. Made in USA. Very comfortable on the shoulder. 11” drop from shoulder to bag
  • 13” Zipper closure top zipper closure to keep everything in your bag!
  • Lined with black canvas.
  • 9” Zipper interior pocket


Billboards and pool floats are obviously very durable making these bags super easy to clean! Just spot clean with your favorite eco cleaning spray and wipe down and go!

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Upcycled & Eco-friendly

Every product at Remember Me Green is completely one of a kind; Bags that are cut from the same billboard or pool float will feature similar colors and design details, but they will vary slightly from the image shown.

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