The Journey

Remember Me Green was founded by Jillian Brown, a native Long Islander who grew up only 30 miles away from New York City. As a result of her close proximity she’d made frequent trips. It wasn’t long until, in 2010, Jillian became inspired by one of the most distinctive aspects of the iconic cityscape-- billboards.

Through a company that placed and removed billboard advertisements, Jillian learned that discarded billboard material was disposed of in landfill after their campaign. As an environmentally conscious individual, she knew that all of that vinyl could be put to better use. So, she gathered some discarded billboard materials to create a basic tote bag using her own, personal sewing machine and presented her first design to friends and family. Their response confirmed what Jillian felt in her heart-- she was onto something bigger than the billboards themselves.

At the time no one really seemed to care about what happened to the vinyl, but that was about to change. Since Jillian’s first tote bag, Remember Me Green has taken off in a way that not only propels fashion forward, but helps reduce waste by repurposing material that would otherwise be thrown away.

Imaginative ideas for upcycling is what fuels the fire for the Remember Me Green team. Since our inception we have expanded to repurpose more materials, including pool floats and inflatables, and continue to think outside the landfill.

We look forward to being a voice in the green fashion world for years to come.

We are certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in the United States and WEConnect International globally.