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Upcycled NYC Billboards

The Mission

REMEMBER ME GREEN upcycles NYC billboards into one of a kind eco friendly accessories. Billboards, made from a durable vinyl material, will spend their entire afterlife in a landfill slowly breaking down into smaller plastic particles. By creating accessories out of this strong and water resistant material, Remember Me Green is helping to create a greener and more fashionable planet.

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Upcycled & Eco-Friendly

NYC Billboard Bags

Every product at Remember Me Green is completely one-of-a-kind; Bags that are cut from the same billboard will feature similar colors and design details, but they will vary slightly from the image shown.

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Billboard Bags

How It Works

The upcycled vinyl is brought to our facility in Long Island, NY where the material is hand cut, thoroughly cleaned, then steam pressed and sewn right in our facility. 

Fanny Packs

This one of a kind fanny pack is sure to be a favorite! Easily fits your wallet, phone, & makeup for a day or night out.


CrossBody Bags

Our crossbody bags are made from water-resistant recycled billboard material. Easy to clean and super durable.



Recycled NYC Billboards (yes, actual billboards that hung outdoors in NYC-- it's a super durable vinyl material!)